Making a BL date sim (੭•̀ω•́)੭

My twitter friend @Peperonichi convinced me to make a BL date sim in RPG Maker VX Ace after I mentioned wanting to make one.

You’re a popular guy. Your classmates think you’re cute and you could easily become the class rep. One day A new guy suddenly moves to your class, and you’re smitten.

Problem is…

You are a yandere.

Your goal at the end of a 7 day period is:

DO NOT kill your crush. 

While it’ll be made in RPG maker it’ll be like any other date sim and depending on what you do could cause any of 7 endings:

  • Best
  • good
  • normal
  • bad
  • worst
  • 2 gag ends

Right now, making the CG’s and scenery/transition cards is the hard part. Once I finish those it’ll take almost no time to finish.

Wish me luck with this project♡



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